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Kjerringkompaniet on a rainy Monday

Well, what to do on the farm on a rainy monday? First of all you go upstairs and get the talented photographer Frank T. Jørstad to help you. Get him some boots and warm clothes. Then you put on some random make up and maybe a horse bridle and a christmas decoration bird for the hair and bring all the stuffed animals in the house outside.
I tell you: life is so much fun on a Monday that way! Welcome to the crazy world of Kjerringkompaniet!!!!!!!! (and thank you sooo much for great photos Frank!)

Kjerringkompaniet is a crazy-fun collaboration between artist Isabelle Inghilleri  and myself and we will be doing some fun projects this winter:)))) Lots to look forward to!

2 Responses to Kjerringkompaniet on a rainy Monday

  1. Brown 22.10.2013 at 16:49 #

    You Kjerrings look amazing!

    • monamoe 22.10.2013 at 20:25 #

      Hahahaha – Thank you mister Brown! Always good fun with the kjerringkompany:)))) hahahaha just like old days;)

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