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the wedding photographer

I must admit; I never liked weddings much…I always said i preferred funerals. Well that was before I started photographing weddings! I feel a little like some clumsy main character from a romantic comedy who doesn’t like weddings much but end up going to one every weekend. And of course I am the one drying up a tear or two behind the camera in church, smiling wider than I ever did and trying not to let the dance foot run of with me:)
wedding photographer – it must be the best job ever! to be able to be with people on one of the happiest days of their life, and to celebrate LOVE. It is a dream come true.
I am a wedding photographer.
(that would probably be the title of that silly romantic comedy I am in;)

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hello friends

So, I am now building a photostudio (with a little help from my friends;) and I hope that means I will be doing much more of what I love to do: create images that tells small stories of love and other strange things. I am still also studying to be a nurse, that is really my other favorite thing to do – to be able to be working with life itself;) so I will be using this blog to post photographs and news and to tell small stories that I think is worth telling. Hope you will enjoy! Here is my webpage if you want to see more of my work;)

all the best

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